A hot-tempered ex-witch must reclaim the powers she renounced to prevent a murderous sorcerer from manifesting Hell on Earth.

Chapter One


Mystic Witch

Mark All is the award-winning author of Death Metal, The Spellcaster’s Grimoire, and Mystic Witch

Entrusted with an ancient spell book from a dying warlock, an inept witch must prevent a psychotic sorceress from unleashing a terrifying power.

Chapter One

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The Spellcaster’s Grimoire

Death Metal

Music from Hell has gone viral … and you’ll love it to death.

Devastated by the car crash that killed his bandmate, guitarist David Fairburn has given up on life—until Vince Buckley returns from the dead to complete the band’s final album. Jessica Chandler’s struggling record label needs a successful act. But those who stand in the way of the music's release begin to die one by one, and when the first single is posted on the web, listeners become "Loopers," addicted to the music—and murderous.

As the violence spreads, David and Jessica must survive the chaos to prevent Vince from publishing the entire album on the Internet. But can David sacrifice the most brilliant work he’s ever done to save Jessica and prevent a global bloodbath?

A Rock ‘n’ Roll Horror novel set in Athens, GA, informed by my time as a touring musician.

The Spellcaster's Grimoire

  1. Received 4.5 stars and 4 stars from dual reviews by the Paranormal Romance Guild

  1. Nominated for the PRG 2013 Reviewer's Choice Awards in the Urban Fantasy category

  1. Chosen by PRG for the 12 Spookiest Stories for Halloween.

Mystic Witch

  1. 5 Star review from the Paranormal Romance Guild

  1. 3 Star (out of 4½ possible) review from RT Book Reviews.

Praise for Death Metal

“Nobody rocks horror like Mark All.”

   – Scott Nicholson, the After series, The Red Church, and others

"Mark All takes us into the world of heavy metal music in this fast-paced horror thriller that really delivers on the chills."

    – Mark Lukens, author of Ancient Enemy

“Award winning author Mark All shows us again why he is a rising star in Horror with his newest novel Death Metal, a unique and gripping story that leaves the reader up late at night, tearing through his tale to find their way to a chilling and unexpected ending.  Expect many sleepless nights after, as his story and characters stay with you long after the final page. I have no doubt we will all be reading Mark All's stories for years to come.”

   – Jeffrey Wilson, Award Winning Author of The Donors and Fade To Black

“Mark All’s Death Metal delivers on its promises ... Death Metal reads like a really good 1980’s horror film.  All clearly knows his subject, and he brings it to life in entertaining fashion ... keep you clicking pages long into the night.”

   – Jim McLeod, Ginger Nuts of Horror

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The Witches of Milton County


Excerpt -- Death Metal

Jessica did not want to go inside. She wasn’t just unnerved by the Looper news and anxious about dealing with John Emory. Something wasn’t right.

Maybe they hadn’t heard from the guy because he’d had an accident, he might be lying injured in the house.

“Mr. Emory?” she called out. “John?”

After a few seconds (no need to wait longer, there wouldn’t be a response), she nudged the door open and peered in. She told herself to get on with it and stepped across the threshold, bumping the door all the way open with her hip.

The front door opened directly into the living room, letting in a swath of light as it swung wide. Jessica moved cautiously into the room, the keys in her hand jangling, and she paused to stuff them into her purse.

“John?” she called again, fumbling for the light switch beside the door. “It’s Jessica Chandler from Sage Records. Are you here?”

All was silent. Maybe he had a studio in a back bedroom and was holed up in there, under the headphones.

The smell was so strong now she nearly gagged. She fought an urge to turn and run, fumbled for the light switch, flipped it. Three matching lamps came on to reveal the room, tastefully furnished with masculine but sophisticated style, moderately expensive furniture, and what appeared to be original pieces of modern art on the walls. A huge flat screen television, surround sound system.

She slipped a couple of tissues from her pocketbook and clamped them over her nose, then stepped forward. Moving around a wide, plush chair near the door, she tripped on something.

A body on the floor.


Science Fiction Horror

Draft One Completed!  In Revisions.

If you find alien technology…don’t turn it on

After finding an ancient alien artifact on board a derelict spacecraft, an inexperienced Captain must prevent it from taking over her crew—and infecting humanity.


New Apple Book Awards 2017

Horror E-Book Solo Medalist Winner

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New Apple Book Awards

Solo Medalist Winner

Horror E-Book 2017

2017 New Apple Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing