The Witches of Milton County

Mystic Witch

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Bailey Campbell renounced magic after a terrifying childhood incident following her father's death. But when deadly, faceless creatures pursue the snarky ex-witch, she must call on her powers again.  To control the magic, however, she'll have to master the rage that's burned within her since Bern Emmerich, a vicious sorcerer, murdered her father.

In the caverns beneath the house where her father died, Emmerich has escaped imprisonment in another reality to exact revenge on Bailey and unleash Hell on Earth.  Bailey battles the sorcerer with the help of Frank Demming, a powerful warlock-but does Frank's disturbing confession that he's watched her for years mean he's her savior or a stalker?

Bailey and Frank pursue Emmerich through the chaos and destruction he rains on Atlanta, Georgia.  But can Bailey trust her heart and her life to her mysterious mentor-and resist her own dark desire for revenge that is sure to condemn her soul forever?

Chapter One

The Spellcaster's Grimoire

Despite authoring a series of bestselling recreational witchcraft books, Trish Sinclair isn't half the witch her mother was.  So when a dying warlock shows up at her door and passes on the guardianship of a powerful spell book, she must run for her life from Kate Cavanaugh, the sinister witch who murdered him.

With the grudging help of Ryan McCarthy, a cynical ex-warlock, Trish has to get past the former guardian's spells to retrieve the grimoire and protect it from the witch.

But when Kate gets the book, Trish must discover her latent magical abilities to prevent the witch from stealing the magic that gives the local coven their powers and keeps them alive.

Chapter One